Psychic Work

Tarot Card Readings

15 card pull:  Gather yourself to ask nothing on this reading, as you will be given a 12 month overview of what you are this lifetime and how the next 12 months apply to your learning.Includes but not limited to: (finances, children, work, business, legal issues, spirit realm, relationships, sexual patterns, food patterns, hobbies, etc.)

3 card pull (tarot or angel cards) (3 questions)

3 cards (combination angel/tarot)

1 card pull

Sample questions:

Who am I?
Where did I come from?
What type of relationship will I be getting in this month or year?
What money issue can I solve now?
(or more specific if you feel...)

Card Readings

Akashic Records Readings

Akasha being a Sanskrit word meaning "sky", "space" or "aether". The book of life and knowledge. Psychic Kenya will go into your records in a hypnotic state of beingness and will assist you in questions that deal with life, income, relationships, or even work related issues. Spiritual aspects are also discussed.
Sample questions for consultation:
What is blocking me from ___________________________?
What am I attracting?
What is blocking me from abundance, prosperity, or a healthy lifestyle?
Please assist me with healing insight on the following ________________?
What do I need to release in order to move forward in __________________?
How can I open my heart to ______________________________?
What am I bringing into my heart that is attracting emotional patterns?

Akashic Record Reading
Health Issues Reading / Cleansing  $500

In a hypnotic state of beingness, Psychic Kenya will feel and look through the aura and assess your beingness and anything that is blocking your flow. This reading lasts up to 1 hour. Reiki Master technique utilized for cleansing.
- Ask anything you feel before this reading to assist in the cleansing process. Cleansing is included with your awareness to the specific issue. Reiki Master oriented psychic work will be done.

Key Issues/Questions:

- Heart related, panic attack, stroke prone
- Eyes, Ear, Nose and Throat
- Migrains, headaches, stress
- Aches, pains, tension areas
- Spiritual connectivy concerns (hearing or knowing what God says or the angels clearly)
- Back and pelvic disorders
(Anything else that may ail you)

This treatment is holistic healing and Reiki certifiable.
This is a MAJOR detox. Please specify if you have any heart issues up front. And a doctor's visit (Western medical philosophy) is what will be needed to appease state law. Further information will be provided.

I will go inward enough to feel and see anything that has been on your physical body for many years. I will stream emotional pains outward and then try to heal that area with your awareness. Your feet and movements will be more streamlined. And your health should improve monumentally. Consider a before and after doctor visit within a month to understand the difference. Especially with degrading issues such as eyes or heart issues. This medical advice is limited and will take much longer to heal.